Established in June 2019, Dolovmi Sdn Bhd is a social selling Health and Beauty Company. A company that is women-centric, it aims to restore a healthy balanced in women and among couples. Dolovmi’s portfolio includes intimate products that would help women gain their confidence and heal their inner beauty issues.

Dolovmi encourages society to celebrate womankind and empower women to be the best version of themselves, equipping them with the knowledge to be self-reliant, allowing them to explore, learn and enjoy being part of a larger society.

As a platform for women, it encourages women to discuss about their inner beauty and health issues without judgement. In which it intends to create awareness and educate ladies about women’s health illnesses and complications, where they can then take steps to eradicate it.

Currently servicing in Malaysia, Singapore and China, the product incorporates USA certified technology with a manufacturing plant based in China. Malaysia is the headquarters for the Dolovmi brand.



Dom Tee is a passionate entrepreneur that believes in propelling a business with a good and strong cause. Having awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs of 2019, he envisioned Dolovmi Sdn Bhd to take on a pivotal role in providing women with inner beauty solutions, allowing them to express themselves freely and confidently.


Janice has been in the health and beauty industry for more than five years. She is the founder of Naa Naa Beauty, a company that is a one stop solution beauty center for all women, where they import products from Korea, Taiwan, France, Japan, Germany and many other countries. Janice decided to be a partner of Dolovmi Sdn Bhd as she wants to help women across Asia discuss difficult topics on their personal wellbeing.


Ding Ding brings in 20 years of experience from the beauty industry, where she shares her experience in guiding women to protect their health, maintain their inner beauty and keeping a balanced lifestyle. Her motivation stems from her mother, who succumbed to cervical cancer, and is now moved to spread awareness on women’s illnesses and fight against it.


Happiness is a state that everyone wants to achieve in this world. In order for us to obtain happiness, we need to start our inner journey in finding a purposeful life and building our own nest that nourishes our health, soul and mind. Dolovmi Business understands, supports and creates a path for our happiness, allowing us to fully express our inmost thoughts through the business. In which, it is our responsibility to ensure, safeguard and maintain our happiness.


A balanced society is one that promotes stability and equality, providing the social structure with the foundation to support one another in terms of individual and family development. When individuals are supported as a group, the fundamental social structure is strengthened within the society. Hence the Dolovmi Business would want to maintain and support this fine balance.In which, it is our responsibility to ensure safeguard.


With USA technology incorporated in Dolovmi’s products, each product is tested and proven to give favourable results, giving users the confidence to share about their life stories. Understanding that confidence is garnered through product knowledge and experiential journey, Dolovmi Business promote this through our in-house product trainers, layering confidence blocks in users so that they have the ability to provide a solution to women’s issues.


Dolovmi Sdn Bhd aims to introduce products that can build a healthy, well-balanced and harmonious society that would benefit, not only women, but men as well.


Dolovmi Sdn Bhd strives to build a community for women where they can share their beauty tips, health problems and intimate issues that are finely unexpressed in today’s society.